Thursday, May 10, 2012

Carnal Machines won an IPPY!

Carnal Machines won a Gold Medal IPPY
I am all a'dither and I have to share! I was just informed that Carnal Machines won the Gold Medal in the Erotica category for the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards. :::insert girlie squee here::: It has been and continues to be a great honor to be part of such a fantastic project. I feel privileged to have worked with a brilliant and supportive editor (hey D. L. King, let's bottle and sell your dirty bath-water!) and I feel immensely fortunate to have been grouped with all the gifted authors included in this book. Congratulations to us all! 

And now I'm thinking, not bad for my first publication, eh? I'm feeling like, I dunno, I should like... write some more... or something. :) 

To all the wordsmiths forever bound between the covers of Carnal Machines, cheers! *clink* Here's to much continued success!

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