Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is it Getting Hot in Here?

It's a Valentine's Day blog hop!

I'd like to thank Cassie Mae and Hope Roberson for hosting this fun Valentine's Day bloghop celebrating the art of kissing. Would you like to join in the kissy reindeer games? There's still time to share one of your favorite kissing scenes from a book you've read, from your own WiP, make one up, or write about one of your own memorable kisses. Post your kiss story TODAY (February 14th) and add the Is it Getting HOT in Here? blog hop picture to the top. Then hop around to feel how sweet, romantic, or downright steamy other characters are getting smooched! 

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My kiss is from my current WiP. Enjoy!

Lee pulled Mad’s hand as she led her onto the dance floor. The music was so loud she could feel the baseline in her chest. A pulsing vibration that brought to mind one of the settings on her favorite vibrator. Lee claimed a spot on the dance floor and spun to meet Mad full in the face. She gave her a wink, raised her arms above her head and began swaying and undulating her hips to the music. Mad followed, tilting her head back, closing her eyes, and letting the music fill her like an empty glass. She moved her body in repeating figure eights letting her head rock back and forth to the uns uns uns of the beat.

Mad opened her eyes to see Lee staring back at her. They both loved to dance and in these new shoes, Mad could actually look Lee straight in the face without getting up on her tiptoes. They laughed as they swayed back and forth, reaching out to briefly hold each other’s hand or follow the rock of the other’s hips with outstretched arms. Mad could feel the effects of the alcohol she had consumed. Warmth blossomed within her spreading with it a happy, relaxed vibe. Inhibitions were falling to the floor with each new verse of the song.

Mad looked into Lee’s eyes and in an instant, something changed. An expression came over Lee that she had never seen. Before she knew what was happening, Lee had wrapped an arm around Mad’s waist pulling her in close. Very, very close. Their breasts pressed against each other as their feet moved in unison. Heat rose between them and Mad could smell Lee as warmth pushed through her skin and wafted her elixir into the air.

Mad felt her gaze flick towards Lee’s full lips and then quickly back up to her dark eyes. Lee smiled in return and adjusted herself so that one of her legs slid in-between Mad’s. The alcohol softened Mad’s reaction and she rolled with it not questioning Lee’s motives or her own.

The DJ blended one song into the next and the new beat was driving and relentless. Mad felt Lee’s thigh rub up against her through her pants and a spark burst like a firework in her belly. She was sure a small groan escaped from her lips but it was eclipsed by the music. Mad looked down and realized her thigh was also pressing up against Lee and with every move they made, they grew closer to getting each other off in the middle of the dance floor.

Mad felt Lee’s breath on her neck. Her face was buried in Lee’s soft hair and Mad breathed her in, never once questioning what was happening. It felt too good for questions. Lee’s lips brushed softly against Mad’s neck just below her ear and she could feel them drag slowly towards her mouth.

Mad squeezed her eyes shut and forced herself to focus on everything that was happening. She wanted to take it all in. The music. The smell of alcohol on Lee’s breath and the taste of it on her own. The lingering flavor of Lee’s scent left on the tip of her tongue. The feeling of Lee grinding into her and her into Lee.

She felt her panties dampen and the seam in her pants became more and more apparent as her clit grew plump. Lee’s lips, still dragging lightly on Mad’s skin continued their progress towards Mad’s mouth. Though she wanted to take it all in, Mad became overwhelmed. In an act of involuntary surrender, her eyes fluttered shut and head rocked back but Lee caught it and gently raised it up so they were face to face once more.

Grinding and pulsing, swaying and sweating, Mad could feel Lee’s lips brush softly against her own. In that eyeblink Mad inhaled Lee’s breath. Their hearts beat in unison. Their bodies harmonized to excruciating perfection.

Lee parted her lips so her mouth just opened and Mad felt their lips fit together for a moment. It wasn’t a kiss. Mad didn’t really know what it was but based on the fire in her belly she wanted more. Much more. Mad opened her eyes, she wasn’t even sure when she’d closed them, and looked deep into Lee’s. With that look she was both promising and pleading all at once.

Lee pushed in and again their mouths fit together, lip over lip, opened slightly and then released. It was torture. It was, well Mad wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was wonderful. Their bodies still moving together, their arms still around each other, and each looking deep into one another.

Lee’s lips curled up into the tiniest of smiles and Mad held her breath.  This was it. Through inexplicable circumstances and indefinable terms, she found herself in the arms of her best friend. A woman whom she had only ever fantasized about, years ago when they just met, but never thought there was any way they would or could be doing… this. And before she could finish that thought, Lee’s mouth was on hers again. No soft brushes, no transient contact, but a real kiss. Light and sweet. Supple and tender. No tongue. No movement. Just mouths touching, velvety lips pressed together.

Mad could hold her breath no longer and exhaled through her nose, shaky and uneven. As her chest fell with her exhalation she leaned in closer and they opened their mouths only to bring their lips back together again, a kiss of the same essence.

When they pulled away from one another they opened their eyes. Lee raised a hand to stroke Mad’s cheek with the edge of her thumb while Mad bit her lip and stared back at her. Mad’s breathing quickened and she realized they were no longer dancing, just standing in the middle of the dance floor in each other’s arms.

They kissed again, this time both of them recognized their growing excitement and expressed it. They spoke with their bodies, Lee raising her leg slightly to press even more on Mad’s nethers. Mad lowering her hand just a bit from where it had been resting on Lee’s waist, touching with her fingertips the swell of Lee’s ass. Lee stroked Mad’s cheek, curling her fingers and gently raking her fingernails down the stretch of Mad’s jaw line.

The kiss evolved. Infused with hunger and desire, Mad got the first taste of Lee’s tongue, pressing her own inside Lee’s parting lips. Lee straightened her fingers and raised her hand, cupping Mad, a thumb on her cheek and her fingers laced through Mad’s hair.

Lee opened her mouth once again and eagerly nipped at Mad, her tongue tracing the inside edge of Mad’s upper lip, her tongue ring rolling across Mad’s bottom lip as she did. Mad imagined that tongue ring rolling across her lower lips and moaned into Lee’s mouth.

That moan set off a cascade of fire that surged through Lee and Mad, both. Mouths hungrily biting and sucking at each other. Mad ran a hand up Lee’s smooth waistline until she met her ribs and the bottom curve of her left breast. Lee pulled Mad even closer, now grinding her thigh into Mad’s cunt, a sensation she could feel all too clearly through her pants thanks to her swollen clit.

Then they were moving. Mad was being pulled by Lee across the dance floor by her wrist. Mad, still drunk on both alcohol and passion, followed willingly and without question.

Oh my! Where is Lee taking Mad? What does this mean for their friendship? Find out when I've finished this WiP. My goal is to have the first draft complete by March 31. Go ahead, ask me how I'm progressing. I welcome the outside accountability. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Wow! Steamy. ;) Great job, Poe. Are you going to meet your deadline on this story?

  2. Thanks, KL! Yes, I do believe I'm on track to complete this story by the end of March. But check with me again in a couple weeks. LOL And thanks for stopping by and reading my excerpt.